First meeting of N Gauge Society

The first meeting of the N Gauge Society was held in our club rooms as advertised on Wednesday 3rd April with 17 persons attending.

Blair Breton gave a short introduction about himself and the N Gauge Society with some publications being distributed for review and explain that the Wessex area of the N Gauge Society was a too larger area to manage, with everybody in agreement. He will undertake to review this with the N Gauge Society with the object of starting a local area group which would cover the Portsmouth and Southampton Areas. With any member of the society being welcome at any meeting.

The main object of the group would be to promote interest in modelling in N Gauge. With members possibly visiting other members layouts, car sharing to model railway exhibitions and other railway related items.

It was felt that there was a wide need to practice some modelling within the group, but with skills and experience widely varied some sort of “sand box” would be required.

Members of the Fareham & District Model Railway Club who were present explained that they had done a similar project in the 00 Gauge which due to space had to be taken home at the end of each evening. The Modular boards were made to be interchangeable with each other and made a layout when put together, which changed each time depending on which modular boards were present on the night.

All members who participated had a modular board with about half the members having more that one. The experienced members then gave a demonstration at the start of each stage in the process of building a model railway. Before helping the rest of the group as they worked through that aspect on there own modular board, before moving onto the next stage.

It has been arranged that about 10 of the Modular boards will be brought into the club room for the next meeting on Wednesday 8th May for the N Gauge Society to view and discuss..

The next meeting is proposed for Wednesday 8th May at 1900 for a 1930 start
Meeting date has been changed to 15th May

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  1. Mark One says:

    Have been informed that the date of the next N Gauge Society meeting at our club room has been changed to Wednesday 15 May. Due to Blair Breton being on Vacation.

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