3mm Society – The South Downs and Solent Group

The 3mm Society was formed in 1965 to support those modellers who had committed themselves to modelling railways in the then recently introduced TT3 scale. During the period 1957 to 1963 Triang / Rovex produced a model railway system of 3mm scale rolling stock running on track with a gauge of 12mm. Despite not being a commercial success it gained quite a substantial following.

The 3mm Society filled the gap and over the subsequent forty or more years and has maintained a supply of parts, kits and second hand materials. Members have formed area groups which provide opportunities to model together and develop skills and further interests.

The South Downs and Solent Group of the 3mm Society offers support to all modellers in the 3mm Scale who reside along the south coast roughly between Brighton and Southampton. The Group is associated with the Fareham and District Model Railway Club and meets regularly at our club House.

The Group can offer 3mm scale model railways to be used at exhibitions. A policy of creating modular sections enables the Group to offer a variety of model railways of very different sizes.

For further details of the group and its model railways .. send an email to Mervyn Turvey

Next Meeting – Saturday, February 8th

After that: Saturday, March 14th