Layouts 2020

Layouts Invited to this year’s Show:

Avun-a-llyn – OO9: A fictitious village up the Welsh coast called Avyn-a-llyin.

Bergeller Bahn – HOm: Had it been built, the Bergeller Bahn would have been part of the extensive Rhätische Bahn (RhB) metre gauge network in Eastern Switzerland. The line would have linked St Moritz in the Swiss Engadine to Chiavenna in Italy.  The route was surveyed in 1913 and several plans created but unfortunately the line was never built, and these days, the only way to travel the route is by road.

Bergeller Bahn

Berlin Freidrichstrasse – HO: Friedrichstrasse is a station with a complicated past. It still is a major station, but for 40 years was a frontier post – a boundary between East and West Berlin. A busy station, it has a mixture of local s-bahn services, outer suburban, express, and ‘inter-zonal’ (services to West Germany) trains. All served by a busy tram service. This model is not a slavish copy of Friedrichstrasse; more an impression of the area and the types of trains seen in Germany (mainly the East) during the late 1960s and 1970s – the period when this layout is set.

Berlin Freidrichstrasse

Bosuns Wharf – OO

Bridgebury Gate – N

Cheddar – P4

Harlyn Pier – O: The layout, which is constructed at a scale of 7mm to 1ft to finescale ‘O’ Gauge standards, depicts the terminus of an imaginary (ex LSWR) branch line on the north coast of Cornwall not far from Padstow in the BR period circa 1960.The station is set on a quayside that connects to a ferry service from the adjacent dock, similar to the arrangement at Lymington Pier, which was the inspiration for the layout. Photos credited to Rob Cottrell

Harlyn Pier – Photo by Rob Cottrell

Holcombe Brook – O

Holcombe Brook

Hook Basin – NG

Horse Thief Bridge – N

Johnstown Road – O

Launceston Steam Railway – OO9: The full-size Launceston Steam Railway in Cornwall is a delightful 2ft gauge line built, owned and operated by Nigel and Kay Bowman. Nigel and Kay have been extremely helpful allowing Richard generous access to the station site to take measurements and photos in preparation for the building of the layout and rolling stock. At Launceston there are four Quarry Hunslet locos – LILIAN, COVERTCOAT, VELINHELI and DOROTHEA. The four model steam locos have been built by adapting kits produced by Brian Madge. The electric motors are hidden inside the boiler/tank assemblies and the drive is by a rubber belt housed inside the firebox. This method of driving small chassis was developed by Nigel Lawton. The tenders for” LILIAN” and “COVERTCOAT” have been scratch-built in brass. Two coaches have been adapted from brass etches supplied by Allen Docherty of Worsley Works. 


Lindon Road – OOFS

Norge -HO

North of England Line – 2 – N

Readham – OO: : The station features 3 full length platforms and 1 bay platform. Readham is set in a semi fictional region that ‘allows’ the operation of FGW/GWR, Cross Country and South West Trains/South Western Railway. The station also sees a lot of freight movements, either straight through or held on platform 4 waiting for a path in between passenger operations. Although a Modern Image layout you will see the occasional ‘Diesel Special’ and a couple of kettles (Clan Line and Thomas Hardy) put in an appearance for steam specials. Our intention is to keep the station busy and our motto is “no timetable, just trains – a lot of them”.


Rossiter Rise – OOFS

Rotherbridge Goods – OO

Rowntrees Sidings – 2 – EM

Rumbling Bridge – OO

Simington – P4

Sutton – OO: Late 1950’s – Early 1960’s – Lincolnshire mainline terminus and town scene with open countryside approach, goods yard, engine shed, turntable and branch line.


The OO Live Steam Club – OO

The Quarry – OO: ‘THE QUARRY’ evolved from a picture of Bill & Ben, (of Thomas fame) using a mixture of buildings from the Farish and Lyddle End mine buildings range, a Faller stone crushing plant with a modern scratch built top, other scratch-built buildings, and some old layout buildings from the second hand box.

The Quarry

Titeridge Junction – N

Top Yard – EM

3mm Layout – 3mm – Details to be confirmed 

Triang & TT Have a Go train set – 3M

Ventnor West – O

Ventnor West

Kiddingme – OO

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