Bramley Oak

Bramley Oak (not its original name) arrived at the club some years ago, acquired from a club who were disbanding. After languishing in our store room, during which it received one knock after the other, a small group of us decided to raise it from its slumber and make it a project aimed at being displayed at our 2011 show. After discussions, the long terminus layout proceeded to be cut back in certain areas with the aim to re-build in a suitable Southern fashion. As the aim was to display it for the first time at our show, decisions such as using ‘off the shelf’ structures was acceptable but in such a way that they were removable for both storage and use on other layouts. The team grew some weeks to 10/12 as the show approached and through this hard work by all involved Bramley Oak, a fully running layout was duly presented to the visiting public at our show in 2011.

Here are some layout photos:

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