Middleton Junction


Middleton Junction: The Club’s main 0 gauge layout Middleton Junction is a 22ft x 16ft 6in double track continuous run, with goods yard, branch and small loco depot on the scenic side, and six storage loops plus spurs on the opposite side. One end has impressive hills and a viaduct, while the other has a six-platform station with parcels bay and domestic coal siding. A loco depot with turntable is planned, and we are constructing new control panels, one for each of the main lines.
The layout is not intended to represent any of the many Middletons around the country, but is simply a through station plus branch bay somewhere in south-central England. We imagine that the branch was built first, by the London & South West Railway, to link villages (offscene) with the town of Middleton. Then the Great Western Railway built a double track main line linking Middleton with other towns far and near. As you might imagine, this gives us the excuse to run the usual variety of stock that one gets with clubs.
Innovations include foam baseboards, slow-motion servo control of points and signals and all wiring along the back of the baseboards rather than underneath. Both analogue and digital control are used.
A group of us meet at the club on Wednesdays 11.00-15.00, and another group meet on Thursday evenings 19.30-21.30. Club Member: David Minns

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