The First Great Wickham Railex, at Wickham Community Centre, took place on October 4th and 5th, 2008


Corhampton ~ N Gauge ~ Fareham & District MRC
Corhampton is still exhibited as a “Work in progress” The most noticeable development is the forestation that has taken place ~ a total of more than 250 trees have sprung up including a rather nice orchard. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site.

Cottleston Park ~ N Gauge ~ Liphook & District MRC
Semi-Urban UK based layout set from the mid 1970s to the present day, demonstrating a significant variety of both kit-built and ready-to-run N gauge locomotive and rolling stock. Having witnessed both the peaks and troughs of railway history, Cottleston Park is depicted at perhaps its most interesting time. The station had been in place for many years, constructed mainly as the terminus for the branch line serving the small market town of Shepards Milne, later to also serve the satellite to the neighbouring big town which had sprung up in the intervening years since the branch was constructed in the 1890s. The architecture was, and still is, somewhat unremarkable, and indeed the station was only noteworthy for its close proximity to a sizeable goods yard and attending engine sheds. Now the engine sheds have gone; replaced by light industrial units. The only evidence of this history being the water-filled turntable pit, as yet undeveloped wasteland.

Downdale ~ OO Gauge ~ Katie Pickersgill & Burnham & District MRC
Downdale is a modern image layout which draws its inspiration from the owner’s travels around Britain photographing freight trains. Operation consisted of intensive freight workings fitted around a regular passenger service of Sprinters and Turbostars. The track plan is loosely based on that of Peak Forest in the Peak District. Traffic flows represent what would have been seen following the privatization era (mid 1990s to present day).

Durbridge ~ 0 Gauge ~ South Hants MRC
Durbridge represents a terminus station on the LMS near to the works of RA Lister, engine makers. It is an O gauge layout with spectacular modelling on it. The South Hants club are based in Fort Widley on the top of Portsdown Hill and are the local finescale modelling group.

Eythorne ~ EM Gauge ~ A work in Progress
Eyethorne is a real location on the East Kent Railway, a part of the Colonel Stephens Empire. As Chair of the WAMRC, Mark had been invited along with his inspirational layout in EM. Showing Eyethorne as a work in progress. Mark was happy to show you how to get started in EM and also explained the finer points of finescale modelling.

Foxstow ~ Blackwater Valley Model Railway Group
Foxstow is a small market town located in North Devon which is served by buses from Southern National and trains by the Southern Region of British Railways. Foxstow railway station is situated adjoining the town centre at the end of a 12 mile branch from Barnsford. It enjoys a frequent daily train service to & from Barnsford, from where connections can be made to Exeter and London (Waterloo), although some through services to London (Waterloo) commence at Foxstow. There is an intermediate station on the branch at Keston Cross. Set in the period of the late 1950s and early 1960s, the local service is mainly operated by M7 tanks, although the through trains to/from London (Waterloo) are generally worked by West Country locomotives but any type did appear over the weekend. Foxstow also enjoys a limited freight service, generally the preserve of a Q1, which is handled in its small goods yard.

HW Yard ~ O Gauge ~ Dave Harris & John Witts
The ‘HW Yard’ model railway diorama project represents elements of 1960s British Railways freight and mainline operations in a micro-space (for 1:43 scale, O gauge, 7mm/ft. 32 mm gauge railroad) The layout is built for showing at exhibitions and all fits into an estate car for transportation. The base of the design is a low level freight yard with a higher level main line.

Netton East ~ BR Modern Image ~ Tony Wood
Netton is a large town situated somewhere in the South Midlands. It suffered in the late ’70s, when there was a downturn in the manufacturing industry but the recent upsurge in electronic technology and associated services has seen once derelict factory areas turned into modern business parks. This has brought not only more employees to the town but also their families, resulting in an increased population. Netton, therefore, has become once again a thriving industrial centre. There are two stations at Netton. The main one, General, is situated on the main Oxford-Birmingham ex-GWR line, whilst Netton East is at the end of a short double track branch, which joins the main line via a triangular junction, just north of the main station. It was built originally to serve the needs of the factories which occupied the area but like them, also fell into decline.

Nictun Borrud ~ OO Gauge ~ Fareham & District MRC

Nictun Borrud is the source of much mirth in the club. It is a “rescued” layout and has no budget. Despite this it keeps on growing and various other project teams are to be seen wandering round our premises asking “have you seen this, that or the other and continues to grow and has now been fully accepted into the club fold. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site. For more photos see the Nictun Borrud page on this website.

Nictun 2K ~ OO Gauge ~ Geoff Elliott ~ Fareham & District MRC

Club member Geoff Elliott was one of the authors of the original Nictun Borrud. As an exercise in modelling, he recently decided to make an updated version of Nictun Borrud on which he could operate his collection of modern multiple units. He has also included a modern repair facility in place of the derelict goods shed he built on the original layout. This layout is placed back to back with the original and it was well worth the effort of inspecting them both carefully to see if Geoff has managed to get the topography right. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site.For more photos see the Nictun2k page on this website.

Salisbury ~ N Gauge Modules ~ South Wilts MRC
Set in the early 1950s, Padstow and Wadebridge were part of the Southern Region and Bodmin General, the Western Region of what was then the British Railways network. Padstow is a terminus station located in the estuary of the River Camel on the North Cornish Coast. The girder bridge over Petherick Creek, may be familiar to you, as it is now a popular cycleway along the old railway line. Wadebridge is a junction station where two single lines meet. The mainline is the old Southern Railway line from Waterloo. The other is a branch line from Bodmin General. Bodmin General is also a terminus station and a junction, another line joins from Bodmin Road (now Bodmin Parkway) which itself is on the main West of England line from Paddington to Penzance. Each of these layouts can be exhibited separately or linked as they were seen over the weekend.

SGK-Bahn ~ 5mm Scale
Set in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland around the village of Saxeten, this metre gauge rack railway is built to a scale of 5mm to the foot (very nearly S scale). The model uses rack assistance to negotiate the steep inclines and features working catenary. All the stock is scratch built using Fleischmann, Hornby or hand built chassis and the track work is a mixture of hand built and proprietary.

Soberton ~ Fareham & District MRC

This layout has developed a church, more commonly known to us as Soberton Cathedral. This was built by club member Dave Elms from Linka, the plaster casting building system which is once again available in the UK. Another development, although one that was not be so readily seen, was the introduction of a more realistic timetable. This was done with a view of then extending the timetable to include a more realistic operation of the Meon Valley Railway. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site. For more photos see the Soberton page on this website.

Stephenson Locomotive Society ~ John New
John has brought a selection of display material for the SLS. John is also the Publicity Officer and Vice Chair of the Wessex Association of Model Railway Clubs and was pleased to discuss the work of their group with you.

The South Downs & Solent Area Group ~ 3mm Society
This layout is constructed to the scale/gauge combination accepted as TT3, 12mm gauge supporting 3mm/foot scale models. The main station “Gettingdon” is a non-standard module with corner pieces that bring the tracks into line for the standard modules that can be added on. The standard modules are 25” wide and 5’ long. Within these constraints the individual modeller is free to create whatever railway scene is fancied. This group are associate members of the Fareham and District Model Railway Club and they meet in our clubroom on average once a month. If you are interested in joining them or finding out more about 3mm modelling, please see the 3mm Society Section of this web site.

Thomas’s Junction ~ OO Gauge ~ Alton Model Railway Group
A favourite with the Children. All your favourite characters from the Island of Sodor are there along with a host of special guests.

West Meon Viaduct ~ F&DMRC ~ Information Point.

004.jpgThe Club were asked to display our model of the West Meon Viaduct at this exhibition. A branch of the University of the 3rd Age meets in this hall and Denis Tilman, author of the most recent book on the Meon Valley Railway, has lectured to them and they requested that we bring the model here for the show so that it can be seen, almost at its birthplace. This model was built by club member Ian Griffiths and consists of approximately 10000 individual pieces of plastic sheet (plasticard) and a 4’ length of ¼” thick plate steel. The model was first displayed in Fareham’s Westbury Manor Museum at an exhibition mounted by Denis to mark the centenary of the line’s opening. It has since been displayed at several shows and has travelled as far as Melksham in Wiltshire. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site.For more photos see the West Meon Viaduct page on this website.

Wiveliscombe ~ Derek Garrett
Wiveliscombe Station ~ during the last few years of its life under British Railway. This small, one-time Somerset rural market town lies 12 miles west of Taunton on the former Taunton to Barnstaple branch. The station and goods yard are set in undulating countryside, typical of this area of Somerset. The line was a victim of the Beeching axe and was closed on 1st October 1966. Wiveliscombe was chosen for family interests and the simple track layout. Somewhat unusually, the station was on a large curve and this was ideally suitable to show the layout from its best aspect. Great Western track plans were also available. The station building and the goods shed remain in use as an office and storage facility for a local building contractor. This enabled them to survey the area and obtain many useful measurements and photographs for use in the construction of this layout.

Zweisboden ~ Derek Gilkerson ~ Hursley Park MRC
ZWIESel and BODENmais, both towns are in Eastern Bavaria. ZWIESEL is the Junction Station for the lines from Grafenau, Bodenmais, and Plattling, through Zwiesel to Bayerisch Eisenstein which in turn is the junction Station for onward travel into the Czech Republic. In 2006 the Czech Republic became a member of the “EU”, so some DMUs now travel from Plattling through Zwiesel into the Czech Republic as far as SPICAK and was all shown in this layout.


AAR Models ~ Trade, Cars and Scenic Materials
AAR Models specialise in model cars, lorries and coaches suitable for use with OO gauge from Cararama, Corgi, EFE and Hadfield Tram Kits. They also had on sale die-cut card building kits and accessories, Eaziscenic modelling products, PD Marsh hand painted model vehicles and Coopercraft model lorry kits were available.

Falcon Figures ~ Trade
He manufacturers and sells a range of cast figures, most notable crews for the current genre of Hornby locomotives, which he sculpts so that they can be placed in the cab of a loco in a realistic pose tailored to the correct internal layout for each class of engine.

Iron Horse Video ~ Trade
Richard in addition to running the Thomas Junction Layout also makes and produces a number of railway related videos and was happy to help you find that special DVD.

Kevin Robertson Books ~ Trade
Kevin Robertson, Railway Author and Bookseller, was pleased to offer for sale a wide range of books and videos from all major suppliers. A selection of local interest and bargain books were on offer.

Ronlines ~ Trade
Ronlines have on display a selection of quality used model railways and accessories for sale as well as electrical components and was also willing to purchase any unwanted model railways items.

The Old Toy Shop ~ Trade
Based in the Portswood area of Southampton, the Old Toy Shop was three, dealing in all makes and gauges of model railways and other die-cast Models.

Trains for Thought ~ Trade DCC
Roger is the owner of Cougar Rock and Fellows Peak US outline layouts, both of which feature Digital Command and DCC, with Roger becoming something of an expert in this field. He was here with us over the weekend with his trade stand to demonstration the power of this up-coming control technology.

TRPS Railway Preservation Society ~ Wessex Area Group
The sales table supports the running of the Worlds 1st preserved railway. Details of running times and other information about the railway was also to be obtained here.

Wicor Models ~ Trade

wicormshopThey are our local model shop and Dave has been very supportive of us over the years. Most recently Dave bailed us out when we were taking Soberton to a show at Brockenhurst and we managed to break a couple of very important locomotives from the roster. Wicor Models are based in the West Street Precinct at Portchester and specialise in trains, die cast models and dolls house equipment.

Here are some photos from the show

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