0 Gauge Section

Contactpic-10 Gauge Section: There are some nine of us modelling 0 gauge at FDMRC, most of us retirees meeting during the day on Wednesdays, but also some on Thursday club nights. In March 2009 we started construction of a new continuous run layout, 22′ x 16’6″, using baseboards made of foam and some other innovations, such as servo motors for point control. The track plan is very much a freelance effort, consisting of twin main lines plus a branch and goods yard, a main through station, branch terminus and storage roads for all the stock we hope to have one day. The layout is set “somewhere in the middle of England”, with at least three of the Big Four companies (and their successor BR Regions) having running rights, to allow the variety of members’ stock to run on it.
We are all learners, and not perfectionists, and pool our talents for baseboard building, tracklaying, wiring & point (& eventually signal) control and scenery and buildings. The layout will undoubtedly take several years to finish, so if you want to be in on the process why not come and join us.
Contact David Muirhead for details.

I should warn you – we spend a great deal of time laughing, drinking coffee and eating biscuits…
For more info on the Club’s main 0 Gauge layout: Click here