These are the layouts that The Club has:

gosport 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – in progress – This layout is the property of the Gosport Railway Society. It was built by the late G A Alcock, the author of the original book on Gosport’s railways, “Gosport’s Railway Era”. At present the model is a little forlorn, however plans are afoot to renovate it once our future is settled. See more

soberton 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – Videos available – Soberton is a 33ft by 10ft representation of a Meon Valley Station as it would have looked had the line flourished as originally planned…. See more
Exhibition data sheet for Soberton.

nictun 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge Finescale – Nictun Borrud started its life in the Club as a 6ft by 2ft sheet of chipboard with some finescale track which was rescued from the loft of a late member shortly after he died. For 3 years it wallowed in our storage hut until someone found it one dark winters evening. It has now become a proper 16ft by 2ft layout. See more

n2k 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge Finescale – See moreExhibition date sheetGraphical Layout Sheet

viaduct 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – To mark the centenary of the opening of the Meon Valley Railway in 2003 the club was asked to provide a model of the steel viaduct that once stood at West Meon for display at a special exhibition to mark the occasion. See more

kids 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – This is a simple 6’6″ by 4′ trainset featuring trains that you see on children’s television programmes. This layout is available for use at Church Fetes and similar events. Please ask us for details.See more

bo 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – Work in Progress – 85% complete through the hard work of many a club member, a real ‘club’ layout. See more

Forleigh 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – The layout is a round and round double track mainline, with a main station with additional passing platform loops on both lines. It also has a branch line from the bay platform at the main station, which climbs up to a single platform station on the upper section. See more.

joint 2mm/ft – British N Gauge – Work in Progress. – You don’t very often see N Gauge layouts measuring 18′ by 10′; this is well worth a look. See more

wattsmall 09 – 7mm/ft Scale with 9mm Gauge Track – Complete. The members building Corhampton wanted a break from working on a large project so they gave themselves a 2 month deadline to “knock something up” in a narrow gauge format. Watt Estate is the result. It is built to a scale of 7mm/ft (better known as 0) on a track gauge of 9mm; this gives an effective gauge of 15″ to the model. See more.Exhibition data sheet for Watt Estate in .pdf format.

middleton 0 Gauge Work in Progress – The 0 gauge section is making good progress with the new 22’x16’6″ continuous run layout, Middleton Junction. With members having a variety of stock, it is inevitably set somewhere in central southern England where SR and GWR services overlapped, with visiting trains from other areas, and will cover grouping and BR eras. We have completed an oval of baseboards, made from Styrofoam with wooden surrounds, two main line circuits, and are now installing points for the goods yard and fiddle yard, powered by servos sunk into the foam. All wiring runs in channels in the foam to shelves along the rear of the boards behind the backscene, so no more grovelling around underneath scraping our bald heads. We are also progressing the station platforms and building, and have plans for other buildings, and a rather splendid viaduct has been built for one of the two removable sections. Appeared at our Club show in Wickham in Oct 2011. See more

Fairhaven Town 7mm/ft – 0 Gauge – This delightful little 0 gauge layout was generously donated to the Club by a member, together with some beautifully made locos and rolling stock. Only nine feet long, it depicts a small through station with goods yard and loco shed and was built in a spare bedroom with a run-round loop over the adjoining stairwell! Now that there is a bit more space available, we are extending the scenic area by two feet, to increase shunting options, and adding a four foot cassette fiddle yard at one end. Future ideas cover extending the other end with another fiddle yard and making an additional section so that Fairhaven could be joined onto our larger 0 gauge layout, Middleton Junction. Features include opening loco shed doors and a starter signal controlled by slow-motion servo motors, as well as fully detailed and lit building interiors.
See more

Members’ Layouts – Here are a some of our Members’ home layouts:
1. Turnpike – 4mm/ft 00 Gauge – loft layout
2. Sheddon – 4mm/ft 00 Gauge – being rebuilt in the new shed at Oak Road
3. Meon Yard – 4mm/ft 00 Gauge – Portable layout for exhibitions
4. Trenance– 4mm/ft 00 Gauge – Exhibition layout
5. 00 Modules 4mm/ft – 00 Gauge – Members individual modules