Limited Edition Wagons (Conflats)

Sorry – all the Conflat Wagons have now been sold

Limited Edition LSWR & SR Conflat Wagons with a Fred Dyke container in OO scale. This represents a local haulier and the Conflats are being produced in association with Wessex Wagons. They are available in a Pristine condition, in either LSWR or SR styles but only the SR Conflat is available in a Weathered condition.

This makes three different Limited Edition Wagons this year. 

This is the 4th year we have produced Limited Edition Wagons and again these wagons will only be available from our Club Stand at our Exhibition on 5th/6th October and possibly through our club website if there are any left after the show. They may be pre-ordered through the club website, see below for details and can be collected at the show, at no extra cost, saving any possible disappointment as two out of the last three years our Limited Edition Wagons have sold out over the weekend of the Exhibition. Alternatively, your order can be posted to you when the Wagons become available (at the postage rates stated on the Pre-order page)

Here we see an image of Fred Dyke’s Steam Lorry standing at Quay Viaduct, Fareham. This was the inspiration for the Conflat. 

This is a photo of the actual model Conflat:

Fred Dyke in Fareham’s LSWR yard in 1922.

By the time this picture was taken, it looks likely that Fred Dyke had at least 16 vehicles in his fleet.

An even later photo but where was it taken?.

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