The Second Wickham Railex Show at Wickham Community Centre was held on 3rd & 4th October 2009


Blackgang ~ Gauge 3
This layout is one of the biggest (scale-wise) that we have invited to our exhibitions. Put simply, Gauge 3 is HUGE. The track gauge is about 2½” and the scale ratio is approximately 1:22. There were once larger gauges (4 & 5) but these are now rarities; Gauge 3 on the other hand is starting to experience something of a revival. The locomotives are battery driven and radio controlled. Mark was operating the layout with some assistance over the weekend, he even appeared on the public side of the layout, such is the flexibility of this gauge.

Children’s Corner ~ Club Layout.

For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site. For more photos see the Children’s Corner page on this website.

Crumblyn ~ SM32 ~ Hampshire Area Group 16mm Narrow Gauge Group
Crumblyn was originally built by a Fareham Club member, with help from the late Don Jones and others who have replaced the original cast, using Mamod track with hand built brass rails on plywood sleepers. Over the weekend the layout was operated by members of the Hampshire Area Group of the 16mm Association who meet in our club rooms on the Second Friday of most months.

East Hants Light Railway ~ 009 ~Matt Wildsmith & Liphook MRC
In 1897 Colonel Stephens proposed a line linking the two market towns of Petersfield and Alton in East Hampshire. The line was built to 2 foot gauge to keep costs down. The line had severe gradients and required some large motive power. This model represents the village of Oakhanger, half way down the line. It is now 1937. The layout was initially conceived after looking at Carl Arendt’s micro-layout site. All the layout is DCC controlled via a Bachmann Wireless Dynamis. The rolling stock is kit or scratchbuilt by Matt.

Gorpton Blymee
Gorpeton Blymee is a layout that creates lots of operating conundrums. It is the first layout, put together by one latent enthusiast and one Johnny-cum-Lately. Begun as a 7ft by 1ft 3ins ‘practice’ layout, just like Topsey ‘it grew’ into a 17ft-6” (14ft scenic) by 3ft challenge. In brief, it is a double fiddle yard to terminus layout and is over-complex, over-budget and over full of ‘opportunities’! Gorepeton Blymee represents a GWR branch line at the end of the ‘Company’s’ existence just as the new British Railways took over. Wilgar and Edson’s factory make ‘hush-hush things’ for the Government. The business has boomed which has resulted in rail traffic mushrooming. The demands of the Second World War meant that no action was taken to resolve the problems [or ‘opportunities’] created by that inadequate infrastructure.

Holm ~ 00
Holm is a 12’ x 2’ branch line terminus layout with a track plan based on Kingsbridge in Devon. Trackwork is Peco code 75 with electrofrog points. Buildings are a mixture of Ratio, Metcalfe and Peco. Rolling stock is all ready-to-run based on GWR practice in the 1930s ~ 40s.

Kuppla Yard ~ HO
Kuppla Yard was so named as it started at a couple of yards long. However, like Topsy, it’s grown and is now nearer 8ft! We have tried to use some different presentational ideas, to produce a theatrical type scene, with ambient sounds and LED lighting. The layout represented a typical American urban switching yard, somewhere on the East coast, enabling plenty of movement between the various commercial buildings. The layout is DCC controlled, with sound modules fitted to the locomotives. There are day and night modes of operation – with yard lighting, neon signs, interior random lights in the buildings – and even a disco in a condemned warehouse! Kuppla Yard is operated from the front side, enabling a good interface with the public.

Lynn Bottom ~ T ~ Liphook MRC
Lynnbottom is best described as a ‘Novel T Layout’ inspired by Richard Bennett’s 009 layout, “Taesreparc Folly“. What better baseboard could one use for four loops of T Gauge track than a sturdy, solid wooden toilet seat? Due to current limitations of rolling stock, etc., the layout is set in Japan, just west of Kawasaki, where Series 103 EMUs operate regular services, notably on the local Tsurumi Line (yellow stock), but also with the occasional visitor from the eight other companies who operate these units.

Netherton ~ 0 Gauge
This layout had been designed to stow in a VW Golf estate car together with the rolling stock for display at exhibitions. The scenic portion of the layout is 9’8” x 1’10”. It portrays a Great Western in the mid 1930s. Although fictitiously named, Netherton was the next station south of Dudley (WM). By 1938 the station had been named Blowers Green.

Ogden Fold ~ P4 ~ South Hants MRC
Ogden Fold is a ‘might have been’ layout based on proposals put forward by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, which promulgated a line from Rishworth near Huddersfield in Yorkshire towards New Hay on the Oldham Loop Line, thereby reducing the distance from Sowerby Bridge by about five miles. This scheme would have involved a four-mile long tunnel under Blackstone Edge but was never carried out, though the threat of its construction was sufficient to stop any further interest by competitors of the L&YR. Having looked at maps of the local area they decided that, had the line been built, it could (at reduced cost) have joined the Oldham Loop at a triangular junction giving two routes to Manchester. They also considered that a station at the south end of the tunnel was desirable and thought that a suitable area for this station would be the hamlet of Ogden.

Seaview ~ N ~ Dave Lear and Crockerton MRC
On the left hand side of the layout is a large Army camp with an assortment of army vehicles, the front of the layout has industrial buildings leading into a dock yard with two cruise ships in dock, further along we come to the beach were the nudist had to share it with the donkeys. Away from the beach we have a bus depot and a busy farm.

Soberton ~ Club Layout

DSC_0071_28Large29.JPGOur flagship layout depicts what might have been if several of the adjacent railways had survived and flourished as originally intended with the route between Fareham and Gosport to London becoming the main line. For more information see the F&DMRC Layout section of this web site. For more photos see the Soberton page on this website.

Southbry Yard ~ 00
Southbry Yard is based on a small TMD in the 1970-90’s; David made a welcome return to our show after a 10 year break. Sadly his layout was only in attendance on Sunday.

Surprise County ~ HO ~ Gosport American Model Railway Group
This group are based in Gosport and hold regular open days at the village hall in Alverstoke. They specialise in reproducing the American scene and their open days are always well attended with numerous layouts and demonstrations taking place. Surprise County was built using the light-weight modules, designed by Allan Dobson, which in their bare state, weigh in at only sixteen pounds each when incorporating four legs and a sky board, making them easy to assemble. Obviously the scenery adds to the weight but they have tried to keep this light also.

South Downs & Solent Group ~ 3mm Society Modules
This layout is constructed to the scale/gauge combination accepted as TT3, 12mm gauge supporting 3mm/foot scale models. Over the last year the group have done much work on this project. The standard modules are 25” wide and 5’ long. Within these constraints the individual modeller is free to create whatever railway scene is fancied. A variety of modules were on display including a steel works. It is amazing just what had been achieved in a given space by reducing the scale by 25% on standard 00. This group are associate members of the Fareham and District Model Railway Club and they meet in our clubroom on average once a month. If you are interested in joining them or finding out more about 3mm modelling, please see the 3mm Society Section of this web site.

Thomas’ Junction ~ Alton MRG
This was a layout of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. Included in the many characters you could see was, of course, most of the character locomotives from the television series with recent additions to the layout were some of the Underground Ernie trains and characters including two new stations. There were also many other characters on the layout, how many did you see?

Watt Estate ~ Club Layout

The Fareham Club’s quirky 09 layout has grown since the last time it was seen at one of our shows with the addition of Plye Woods. Project leader Ian assures us that were was somewhere in excess of 150 trees in this woodland scene. The other scenes on display where Howt Works and Wye Halt. Also in preparation (we are told) is a scene called Hann Basin featuring a canal basin. What a state to get into? For more information see the F&DMRC Layout Section of this web site. For more photos see the Watt Estate page on this website.


Club Demonstrations
There were club members doing Demonstrations in the Houghton Room over the weekend.

Kit building ~ Demonstrator
Mark once again demystified the art of building kits. Mark is also the Chair of the Wessex Association of Model Railway Clubs.

The Weatherman – Demonstrator
Tom demonstrated subtle weathering techniques that have all been achieved without the use of an airbrush. All of the techniques can be used for all scales from Z to 0 Gauges. Tom is also a war-gaming military modeller, therefore the methods are used on vehicles and people alike.


AAR Models ~ Trade
AAR specialise in model cars, lorries coaches and buses suitable for use with 00 gauge from Cararama, Corgi and EFE as well as Hadfield tram kits, die cut card building kits and accessories, Jarvis Scenics, Dapol and Kestrel building kits and Cooper Craft model lorry kits and accessories.

Ashdown Communications & Model Railway.TV ~ Trade
MRTV Channel editor Nigel Overington was here along with various members of the Ashdown crew over the weekend. On show were various items from the channel including an internet feed so that you can watch some of the programmes.

Ash Vale Productions ~ Trade
The Ash Vale Collection is a selection of oil paintings by artist Mark Pretious. Subjects included animals, trains, ships, landscapes and seascapes.

Falcon Figures ~ Trade
Masterpiece by Falcon Figures has been producing quality figures for both 4 and 7mm scales with an emphasis on cab crews for over 15 years. With the availability of super detailed locomotives, Masterpiece now offers cab crews that are specifically designed to fit each of these products, King Arthur’s, rebuilt West Country, T9 and Schools.

Iron Horse Video ~ Trade
As well as operating Thomas’ Junction, Richard has another life where he organises and records videos which he was selling under the trade name of Iron Horse Videos.

Kevin Robertson Books ~ Trade
Kevin Robertson, Railway Author and Bookseller, was pleased to offer for sale a wide range of books and videos from all major suppliers. A selection of local interest and bargain books was offered and he advised on out of print titles.

Ronlines ~ Trade
Ronlines had on display a selection of quality used model railways items and would purchase any unwanted model railways items cash.

Talylynn Railway Preservation Society ~ Wessex Area Group ~ Trade
This sales table supports the running of the Worlds 1st preserved railway. Details of running times and other information about the railway were available here.

Wicor Models ~ Trade

Local model shops are becoming something of a rarity, but Wicor Models goes from strength to strength. Proprietor Dave Mockford was always happy to help.

Here are some photos from the show

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