The show took place on October 6th and 7th, 2012


The following Layouts attended:

Bamar is located in the North West near Burnley towards the end of steam (1964-1968). There are 2 platforms and a cattle dock and then there is a holding line for the goods trains which then reverse into the goods shed from the platforms. The line goes into three – two main lines and one for the branch. It is a fictitious location but the locos are from around the area. The layout is DCC and most of the locos have sound.

The small diorama is a preformed base supplied by NOCH, the German scenics company. The preformed base is supposed to be to American and goes by the name of Colorado. However, the scenics have been recreated into Swiss/German. The track layout is designed to use only KATO “N” Gauge track. The rolling stock is German/Swiss outline.

Botleigh Old North Road
It’s the first week of the school summer holidays in 1966, a warm dry August is expected, while dad works under the bonnet of his Ford Anglia, it’s time to cycle to the corner shop for a bottle of Tizer and a bag of sherbet lemons, then it’s off to the local engine shed with your dog-eared ‘combine’ in the hope of copping the last members of surviving Bullied West Countries or some unusual visitor from another region. It is these halcyon days that I have tried to capture. Botleigh Old North Road is an imaginary engine shed on the Southern Region, set just outside a large station. It is squeezed between a main line, recently singled to one track and ‘Penny Lane’ featuring a mix of old fashion shops, terraced houses, factories and new flats. A scene very typical of city life in the 1960s.

Cheddar ~ S&DJR
The light railway act of 1896 meant railways could be built and operated at a lower cost; the line speed was 25mph, not a lot slower than a normal branch. The Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway proposed such a line to Cheddar to tap into it’s trade in tourists visiting the cliffs and caves, market garden produce especially strawberries and of course Cheddar cheese. After the line opened the quarries persuaded the S&D to rail connect them through the station so they could ship larger quantise of stone. The scene shows Cheddar S&DJR in the 1920’s with stone, coal, general merchandise and passengers arriving and departing. The Cheddar Valley Oxide & Ochre Mill was built after the line opened.

Chesham on Sunday
Chesham (Buckinghamshire) is a Town served by a branch of the London Underground. On Sunday the commuter service is not intense so there was an opportunity for a Gala Day of trains made up of old or unusual vehicles. The model is a good representation of the station in 1960 when the goods yard had been removed and the bay platform was introduced.

Children’s Corner – Club Layout.

Please see the Layout Section in the F&DMRC Web site for more details. For more photos see the Children’s Corner page on this website.

Cramdin Yard
Cramdin Yard is a compact layout built in 4mm scale with 00 gauge trackwork. The layout is set loosely in the South of England and is run with rolling stock from the around 2000 onwards. One end of the layout features a wagon repair facility with traverser, while at the other end is a fuel point and loco stabling. Operation of the layout centres on the movement of a variety of freight stock in and around the wagon works, some loco movements to and from the stabling point and occasional passenger traffic passing on the main lines to the rear of the layout. The majority of locos and stock represent the operating companies EWS and Freightliner. Cramdin Yard was featured in Model Rail issue 132, July 2009.

F&DMRC 00 Scale Club Modules


The Club has a small module project – this is a way of building yourself a small scenically detailed layout. Please see the Layout Section in the F&DMRC Web site for more details. For more photos see the F&DMRC 00 Scale Club Modules page on this website.

Figgs Marsh
A small 0 gauge layout of a Traction Motive Depot operating locos from Mid 60’s to Mid 80s running maroon Warships / Westerns / Blue Locos / Large Logo to the first class 59. The buildings are Kit or Scratch built. The layout operates totally on DCC

Gosport American Group
This year our friends from the Gosport American Group put on a demonstration rather than bring a layout to our show. They regularly meet in Gosport and host regular running days at the church hall in Alverstoke. If you follow the American scene, they would be pleased to see you.

Hollybank Depot, Westcliffe CCE Yard and Mossbank Yard
In the Foyer we met the idea of modules, here the New Forest Model Railway Club have taken that idea to a new height. Hollybank, Westcliffe and Mossbank are three separate layouts which join together to make a complete diorama of lineside industry. Space precludes a detailed explanation of each layout but the operators were more than happy to explain what each section represents.

Kings End
Kings End is a branch terminus set in Southern England. It is of the era of late BR/NE and based around ‘Monarch Brewery’ and a thriving industrial town. The terminus was busy with not only passenger trains but also freight trains.

Kunze Brucke
Kunze Brucke’s name comes not from the map, but from a sergeant, who captured Fort Douamont. It does not claim to depict any particular area in Germany, but many people have said it has leanings towards Bavaira. This was left to your imagination.

Mill Falls
Mill Falls is a fictitious busy manufacturing hill-town with industries involved in the production of carpets, furniture, beer, confectionery and spinning machinery. Set in the late steam/early diesel era of the early 1950s. It is somewhere close to Route 1, which links Boston MA. with Bangor ME. The eastern seaboard of the USA was the original manufacturing heart of the USA and New England was its heartbeat. By the early 50s the area was run-down and not too tidy. The structures have been deliberately constructed to look a little worse for wear.

A mountainous scene inspired by spiral railways seen in parts of Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany. The layout centres on a small town in Southern Germany with a spiral at each end. There is a cable car at one end and a funicular railway at the other.

Nictun Borrud – Club Layout.

Please see the Layout Section in the F&DMRC Web site for more details. For more photos see the Nictun Borrud page on this website.

0 Gauge Tinplate
Club member Nigel was running his large 0 Gauge tinplate layout. This wonderful old railway system is operated to a time table. If you would like to learn more please contact the club and we will put you in touch with him.

The scenario is 1980s South Wales, very much post miner’s strike when new money was being invested to regenerate the Valley Lines. Rhiw is a new terminus station built after the original site had been developed. A new industrial park occupies the old site and a new short platform has been constructed to handle the 1-2 car DMUs. The whole site has been rationalised leaving only this platform and truncated exchange sidings serving two processing plants handling chemicals and scrap. Well that’s the theory anyway.

Sarum Road
Sarum Road is a model of part of a locomotive depot set in the year 1956 in South London. The yard is small but busy, with a selection of Southern and BR types, as well as occasional LMS and NE locos that have crossed the Thames on transfer services. On the viaduct is a shuttle service to a station. The area as a whole has still not been rebuilt from bomb damage sustained during the war. There was also traffic on the running lines behind the viaduct.

On the left hand side of the layout you will find a large Army camp with an assortment of army vehicles, the front of the layout has industrial buildings, this leads into a dock yard with two cruise ships in dock, further along we come to the beach where the nudist and donkeys live. Away from the beach there is a bus depot with a road leading up to a busy farm.

South Downs & Solent Group of the 3mm Society
The South Downs and Solent Group of the 3 mm Society presents a model railway created from a selection of modules built by individual members. It is a continuous run single track country railway with a small station which provides a passing loop for trains. At the back of the circular layout is an extensive set of sidings which house the trains when they are not on the cross country main line. All of the models running on this railway belong to members of the group. Some are examples from the Triang TT3 era but most will be models built from kits or scratch built. All are to a scale of 3 mm to one foot. The South Downs and Solent Group are associated members of the Fareham and District Model Railway Club and use our club premises for meetings on a Saturday, generally once a month.

Welcome to Tawford, an imaginary town set somewhere in North Devon! The time period reflects my fondest memories of growing up, when my bedroom was overlooking Laira depot in Plymouth and countless hours were spent watching HSTs, 47s, 50s, 37s, shunters, freights, mails and parcels. As with most layouts, a certain degree of modellers licence has been used. I have assumed that North Devon was fortunate enough to only suffer rationalisation rather than closure of many lines and these are still open, including the entire Southern main line from Exeter to Plymouth via Okehampton & Tavistock, as well as the branch line to Torrington. This created an opportunity to run many local commuter services as well as through workings from London, and regular services to Exeter.

Wassen and Poolside
Based on the Gotthard Line past Wassen Church in Switzerland. With a swimming pool as freelance with moving swimmers in real water and a part to represent the Jungfrau region with a rack and pinion section.

Whitchurch Town
Whitchurch Town was a station on the old Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway. The DNSR was absorbed into the Great Western Railway in 1921, and into British Railways in 1948. The model has the track plan of the prototype in the early part of the 20th century, but a range of stock enables us to run trains representative of this period, GWR (1930s), and BR(SR) periods. The model includes a 1/12th scale model of a Stephens & Co. lever frame. This has full mechanical interlocking, so that signals can only be operated when the correct route is set. In the goods yard, shunting is under the control of a small ground frame, which must be released by the main frame before it can be operated.


There was Trade Support from the following:

AAR Models ~ Trade
AAR specialise in model cars, lorries coaches and buses suitable for use with 00 gauge from Cararama, Corgi and EFE as well as Hadfield tram kits, die cut card building kits and accessories. They also stocked Jarvis scenics, Dapol and Kestrel building kits and Cooper Craft model lorry kits and accessories.

Falcon Figures ~ Demonstration & Trade
Masterpiece by Falcon Figures has been producing quality figures for both 4 and 7mm scales with an emphasis on cab crews for over 15 years. With the availability of super detailed locomotives, Masterpiece was offering cab crews that are specifically designed to fit each of these products.

Iron Horse Video ~ Trade
As well as operating Figgs Marsh, Richard has another life where he organises and records videos which were on sale under the trade name of Iron Horse Videos.

Kytes Lights ~ Trade
We were pleased to welcome back Joe and Kytes Lights to our show this year. If you need anything ‘lighting up’ then this was the stand to answer your questions.

Lord and Butler ~ Trade
Based in Cardiff, Lord and Butler are a new addition to our trade portfolio this year. They are a supplier of new models but perhaps more importantly they are the home of the Dirty Boy range of weathered models.

Robertson Books ~ Trade
Kevin Robertson, Railway Author and Bookseller, was pleased to offer for sale a wide range of books and videos from all major suppliers. A selection of local interest and bargain books were on offer and advise on out of print titles without obligation.

Ronlines ~ Trade
Ronlines had on display a selection of quality used model railways items and accessories for sale. They will also purchase any unwanted model railways items for cash.

Squires ~ Trade
Squires are a major mail order supplier of tools and modelling materials, their catalogue is almost a directory of the things most need to know about.

Talylynn Railway Preservation Society ~ Wessex Area Group
The sales table supports the running of the Worlds 1st preserved railway. Details of running times and other information were available about the railway.

Wheels of Southsea ~ Trade
Retail Sale of railway related Books, DVDs, Pictures, Hornby trains and accessories, Corgi/Oxford diecast & Thomas the Tank Engine.

Wicor Models ~ Trade

Wicor Models is the local model shop for Fareham and the surrounding district. Dave and Lin were pleased to serve you here and look forward to seeing you at their shop in Portchester Precinct.