Children’s Corner

Introduction: This layout is designed primarily for use by children. It measures 6’6″ by 4′ and has a “Scalextric” style hand controller to make it easy for children to operate the trains themselves.

Rolling stock is from the Hornby range featuring famous locomotives with faces, we think everyone will know who we mean. We are unable to use the “T” word in relation to this layout because we do not have a licence from the brand owners to do so. The previous (and original) brand owner was happy to grant free licences “in perpetuity” to voluntary sector organisations like ourselves; the current owner would charge us a great deal of money for each and every appearance the layout would make, so we simply refer to it as our children’s layout. Shame really. Britt Allcroft’s view was that allowing model railway clubs to do that sort of thing was “brand enhancing” and so she was happy to allow it, unfortunately the new owners only seem to see the $ signs.

Would you like this layout to come to your (non-railway) event?

We take this layout to various events and we could bring it to yours. We can we bring it along, by taking a suggested donation of 30p for 2 minutes and that our travel costs come out of the takings, with the remainder sent to support the Hants & I.O.W Air Ambulance. It has appeared in Fareham’s Town Centre Gala and even in a local bookshop at an event to mark the smart little blue engine’s 60th anniversary. Please drop us a line if you are interested in inviting this layout to your event.

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