About Us


One of the unique features of the F&DMRC is the wide range of interests of its members. We model in all the principal scales and gauges; our prototype interests range from pre-grouping companies through to the post-privatisation scene of today (has the wheel gone full circle?). Standard gauge, light railways, narrow-gauge or model engineering – you name it, at least one of our members will have an interest in it. There are three main special interest groups within the Club, and we also regularly host meetings of two regional groups of National Associations.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

A lot is written about the pros and cons of belonging to a model railway club in the modelling press. There are many benefits, not least of these, because you get to rub shoulders with others who share your interests and from whom you can learn. As with many things in life, it will boil down to the costs of being a member of a club. Of the model railway clubs in this area, we are one of the least expensive. Annual Membership costs £90. For this, you get unrestricted use of club facilities, including the test track, and you can attend as many meetings of the different groups as you wish. From there on, it is up to you. The Club aims to promote railway modelling in the Fareham area, which is precisely what we do. If you are desperate to build a model of Fareham Station as it was in the early 1950s to exact scale in 7mm fine-scale, then come along and inspire us to help you. You will get out of the Club what you put into it.

Club Groups

The smallest scale we currently model is 2mm British N Gauge (as yet nobody has proposed a Z layout, but you never know). There is also the 09 project which represents 15″ gauge trains in 7mm/ft scale (so-called Minimum Gauge modelling). Moving up the scales and gauges, there is an active 4mm group who work in 00 Gauge. We also have several members who dabble in EM and P4 and one of the original protagonists of the heretical 00-SF “pragmatic fine-scale” movement.  At the “Senior” end of the scales, we have an active 0 Gauge group who – as well as evenings – meet on a Wednesday lunchtime.

National/Regional Groups

In addition to our own Club Groups, we host meetings of (currently) two area groups of national bodies.  We have historic connections to both of these groups as the people who initiated our relationships with them were longtime members of the Club.

16mm Narrow Gauge Society

The Hampshire Group of the 16mm NGS has a particular interest in Garden Railways and meets in our Clubroom on the second Friday of most of the winter months and goes on home layout tours during the summer months.  They are interested in both 32mm and 45mm gauges, both live steam and battery electric (and almost any other form of model propulsion you can think of.

3mm Society

The Solent and Southdowns Area Group of the 3mm Society meets in our Clubroom on the second Saturday of most months.  Historically (when the Club was first founded), we had several 3mm scale modellers members. Although the two groups have gone their separate ways for several years, we have now come back together with their regular meetings at our base.

Phalacrocorax aristotelis – a possible 3rd regional group?

Well, you didn’t expect us to put its proper acronym on a family website, did you?

The South Hants Area Group is a collection of mostly 4mm scale modellers who are members of either the EM or Scale 4 Societies (although many 7mm, 2mm and S Scale modellers are also members).  This group typically meets on the evenings of the 2nd Tuesday of the month at either the Clubrooms of either South Hants MRC or Southampton MRS.  It has been mooted that we should join the rota to host meetings as well, but thus far, COVID has put an end to that aspiration.  Watch this space for details as the world gets going once more.

If you would like to find out more about any of these groups, including how to join them, please get in touch with us in the first instance, and we will direct your enquiry to the right person.