Trustees & Committee


Elliott Cowton

Elliott can’t really remember when he first became interested in trains. His father’s first job on leaving school was working on the LNER under Gresley, so he always grew up appreciating the finer points of railways. 

He first joined the Club at the age of 13 when it moved into Fareham Community Centre in the 60s but then discovered fast cars, sailing dinghies, and real ale whilst at Uni before joining the Royal Navy, so he didn’t really get back into the local railway scene until he returned to the UK from an overseas posting in 1996. 

He rapidly became embroiled in the politics of the situation he found, first the fight to save the Community Centre and later working with the Council to secure the Club’s future. His interests lay in fine-scale modelling. He has attended numerous weekend workshops at The Missenden Modellers (the University of Railway Modelling) and regularly demonstrates on the southern exhibition circuit. Chosen subjects: track construction (he has built a working double slip in 00 Gauge), building construction, freight stock detailing and weathering. 

He is a member of the EM Gauge Society and the Swanage Railway project. He has presented programmes for

Lyndon Ford

As a young chap, I joined the club back in 1994. At that time we met in Fareham Community Centre, where we also held our club exhibition. The exhibition organisation got me further involved with the club. With only a break for 2 years, I’ve been the Exhibition Manager since 1996.

With interests in the modern image – 1980s onwards, I’ve recently turned to DCC and acquired a small TMD ( Traction motive depot) to further my layout building and wiring skills.

Away from the club, I’m a musician and hovercraft enthusiast. I also work with the MoD on various projects.

Tony Witts

David Tanner



Derek Underwood

Club Secretary

Roger Key

I have been a member of the FDMRC since 2013 having read about Fareham and District Model Railway Club while I was lounging beside the pool in the Mediterranean on a P&O Cruise Ship. I have had long on off relationship with model railways since I was thirteen, but when retirement came along 2 years earlier, I was finally able to build my dream layout in a shed at the bottom of the garden. I quickly came to realise that my skill level in this area was more depleted than I had believed.

Joining FDMRC brought me new opportunities and I was able to learn from other members. I slowly began to fill the gaps in my skills and knowledge by talking with others and working on the clubs layouts. After 10 years my home layout is almost complete but together with other members, we are now building a new Exhibition Layout for the Club. Keep an eye out for Fareport Wharf.


George French

Membership Secretary

Geoff Elliott


Steve Mason

Alister Linford

Ian McGuire