RailEx Is Just One Week Away.

This years RailEx Fareham is now Just one week away! With a lot of effort from the organisers and club members we just have the finishing touches and set up to go.

With just six days before we open the doors at Fareham Leisure Centre There is also a last minute scrabble to make sure everyone is ready. We hope that you will be able to join us. After such a long break away.

If you haven done so yet, there is still time to buy your advance tickets through the website. This will allow you to walk straight to the desk , have your ticket scanned and skip the queue using >>Fast Track>>. If you want to buy your tickets, remember children go free if they are accompanied by an adult.

With the automated service, you should receive your tickets by email shortly after you have made your purchase.

Adult Ticket £10

Child Ticket FREE with a paying adult.