Still Time To Order Your Limited Edition Wagon!!!

Don’t forget, there is still time to order your limited edition RailEx 2023 wagon from the shop here in However, stock is limited and they are already selling quickly!

Why not order now for collection at the event? You can purchase your wagon at the same time as your RailEx tickets in advance to ensure that your wagon is reserved.

We have provided the details of this wagon below which is limited to just 140 items! It’s also has local significance as you will see from the description below.

Introducing the meticulously crafted 00 gauge wagon, a faithful tribute to the historic Portsmouth, Gosport, and Cosham coal wagons that played a crucial role in the transportation of coal during a bygone era. This exquisitely detailed model encapsulates the essence of the industrial past while offering enthusiasts a tangible connection to the rich history of railway coal delivery.

Step back in time to an era when steam locomotives ruled the tracks and coal was the lifeblood of industrial progress. The Portsmouth, Gosport, and Cosham coal wagons were emblematic of this era, designed to efficiently transport the vital fuel that powered factories, homes, and the heart of the economy. With a legacy dating back to the 19th century, these wagons were an integral part of the transport infrastructure along the southern coast of England.

Crafted with meticulous attention to historical accuracy, the 00 gauge wagon pays homage to the original design and features that made the Portsmouth, Gosport, and Cosham coal wagons distinctive.

The model’s history is as captivating as its design. The Portsmouth, Gosport, and Cosham coal wagons were instrumental in fueling the region’s growth during the industrial revolution. These workhorses could be seen traversing the tracks, transporting the black gold from the bustling ports to destinations that depended on coal to power their engines and furnaces. The legacy of these wagons is not just in their functionality but in their contribution to shaping the landscape and prosperity of the communities they serve.

Whether you’re a dedicated railway enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates the nostalgia of yesteryears, the 00 gauge wagon inspired by the Portsmouth, Gosport, and Cosham coal wagons is a must-have addition to your collection